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Dozens of Ways to Apply Thick and Thin Coatings Precisely on the Target with Minimal Waste

Overview If you're plagued by waste of costly coatings due to overspray or quality problems caused by uneven application of coatings, take a close look at our products for precision coating. You will find a wide range of nozzles, standard and heated spray headers and automated systems to apply all types of coatings – including thick slurries and chocolate – uniformly with minimal waste.

Typical Product Solutions 

  • PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles: electrically-actuated PulsaJet nozzles cycle on and off very quickly to provide accurate spray placement and enable operation at higher line speeds to increase production. Use with AutoJet®spray control equipment to achieve Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control
  • AutoJet spray controllers: ensure a consistent coating weight on your product every time. AutoJet controllers monitor and adjust automatic spray nozzles for changes in line speed. Precise, intermittent spraying places the coating only where needed. Choose from basic, intermediate and advanced levels of control
  • Spray Headers and Manifolds: choose from a wide range of air atomizing or hydraulic nozzle headers in a wide variety of lengths and materials. Options include heated versions, sanitary connections and more
  • VMAU automatic nozzles: customize spray performance to your exact requirement with VMAU nozzles. Independent control of liquid, atomizing air and fan air allows fine tuning of flow rate, drop size and spray shape
  • JAU automatic air atomizing nozzles: these compact nozzles are equipped with an internal air cylinder for controlled on/off operation and provide uniform coating
  • Application-specific coating systems: you'll find a full line of automated systems for spraying viscous liquids, chocolate and cheese slurries, antimicrobials, mold inhibitors, lubricants and more. Tell us about your coating material to see how we can help
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