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Solutions for Refiners and Processors that Range from Additive Injection to Water Wash to Slurry Backflush to NOx Control and More

Overview Most of our projects in refineries and petrochemical plants involve spray injectors. That's because the key to effective injector performance stems from the spray nozzle. We work closely with engineering firms and plants around the world on nozzle selection, injector design and injector placement in the gas stream. Advanced process modeling tools and computational fluid dynamics are typically used to simulate a customer's operating environment and validate injector performance before design specifications are finalized. Injectors are built-to-order and can meet B31.1 and B31.3, Canadian Registration Number requirements and more.

Key Applications
  • Defoaming
  • Wash water
  • Feed injection
  • Steam quench
  • Slurry backflush
  • Glycol/corrosion inhibitor injection
  • Torch oil
  • Regenerator bypass
  • Gas cooling
  • SNCR and SCR NOx control
  • Desuperheating
  • Sulfur guns
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