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AutoJet is the turnkey systems. Using patented SprayLogic™ software, top quality spray products and unsurpassed technical expertise, our engineered systems accurately monitor and control spray applications. You can improve your production efficiency by optimizing your spray  system.
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AutoJet® Spray Controller Model 2250

Key Benefits

  • Optimizes the performance of spray nozzles and automatic spray guns. 
  • Ensures higher product quality through precise and uniform coating 
  • Reduces overspray and chemical usage. 
  • Simplifies production line setup and reduces downtime. 
  • Increases conveyor speed and throughput. 
  • Improves regulatory compliance and emission control. 


  • Emission control, Spraying product on conveyors, Die Lube, Gas Turbine Efficiency Control, Batch Control, and Humidity Control.

Spray System Demo

  • Lubrication coating of a mold cavity. 
  • Lubrication a cutting cylinder. 
  • Tank Cleaning System 

More details, please contact our sale division: 0-2911-4761. 


AutoJet® Technologies Modular Spray System

Key Benefits

  • Precisely, controlled automatic spraying outperforms PLCs.
  • Self-contained system is easy to use, setup and maintain. 
  • Modular construction offers maximum flexibility for your specific operation. 
  • Real-time control of spray processes. 


  • Moistening, Lubricating, Marking, Disinfecting and Coating. 

For more information, please see our literature or contact our sales division: 0-2911-4761


  • Model 2250 AutoJet Spray Controller
  • MS2250 AutoJet Modular Spray System 
  • MS1250 AutoJet Modular Spray System 
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