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Choose from Swirlchamber, Slotted Core and Whirlchamber Designs in Hundreds of Sizes to Get the Exact Performance You Need

Overview Spraying Systems Co. is the pioneer in spray drying. We developed the first line of commercial nozzles for spray drying in the 1940s. We established the term SprayDry® in 1942 and it became a registered trademark in 1951. We've continued to expand and refine the line over the last six decades and have a full range of products to satisfy all types of production environments.

Choose from :

  • New SV SprayDry nozzles: One-piece swirlchamber design for use in medium- and high-flow applications
  • SK Series SprayDry nozzles: Slotted core design for low-flow applications
  • SB Series SprayDry nozzles: Slotted core design for medium-flow applications
  • WhirlJet® SprayDry nozzles: Whirlchamber design for high-flow applications Benefits
  • Easily configured to exact specifications
  • Drop size control via the nozzle's capacity and pressure to minimize powder waste
  • Hand-tight design eliminates the need for special tools and reduces maintenance time
  • Maximum free passage reduces clogging
  • Anti-bearding design reduces build-up in the nozzle orifice
  • Long wear life extends production runs
  • Special materials and coatings are available if our standard line of tungsten carbide materials doesn't provide the needed wear resistance 

Ideal for :

  • Food items such as whey, milk, coffee, tea, yeast, cocoa, baking powder, spices and infant formula
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Dyes and pigments
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
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