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Cooling Solution

Ventilation system is important, whether it's for factory space, work shop, warehouse or any other spaces. There are many choices but the challenge is choosing the most effective way to control air quality especially for large spaces. 


Issue with Ventilation System in Industrial

The importance of controlling, changing and cooling heat in industrial space, warehouse, process line and other space should not be overlooked. Not only does it affect human comfort, machine's efficiency and/or product quality, it also greatly relates to the energy costs. 


SuperAir HVLS Fan

SuperAir HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan, with at least 3 meter of fan diameter, that moves High Volume of air at a Low Speed. The fan helps blend large volume of fresh air into the spaces, creating air flow. The low speed circulates air in gentle and non-disruptive motion, creating a uniform air temperature. 





Best for both indoor/outdoor and industrial/commercial usage

Factory Work Shop Warehouse
Distribution Center Barn Animal Farm
Office Building Department Store Fitness Center/Gym
School Exhibition Hall Concert Hall
Food Court Showroom Hotel


SuperAir HVLS Fan Overview