Batch Control Solution


Optimize Your Batch System to Ensure Product Quality and Correct Volume Everytime

Liquid dosing, pumping, metering, mixing and blending are required in various process. Due to fast-changing demands in today's market, business environment changes faster than ever. Manufacturers need to be able to respond quickly to changing demands while ensure product quality.

PVN Engineering has the expertise to provide customers with cost effective solutions for their batch control applications. Our solution results in:

  • Efficiency ImprovementBatch
  • Product Consistency and Quality
  • Operation Precision
  • Production Flexibility
  • Human Error Minimization
  • Waste Reduction
  • Production time Optimization

System components may include:

  • Sensors
  • Instrumentations 
  • Actuators
  • Batch Controller
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Program

The batch control system can be as simple as a stand-alone single-function preset controller controlling a pump and a automated valve for filling or as elaborate as a PLC based batching system, offering both control & reporting functions. We can fabricate skid mounted modular PLC systems for easy integration that do not lead to costly plant interruption.


Simple System 

With a stand-alone controller and appropriate type of flowmeter and valve, we can implement continuous mixing/ dosing/ metering/ batching directly in the piping. A simple batch system consists of a flowmeter with integrated batching program and a valve. Batch can be started and stopped via external contacts. Our equipment features automatic overrun correction for accuracy improvement which is important for smaller batch size.

Flowmeter for batching                            Dosing procedure

Intermediate System

For precise product quality control, user-friendly handling and flexible operation, we can implement the system with controllers. We offer several types of controllers such as preset counter, indicator/ totalizer, batch controller. We can either use ratio-based or Blendline control system. We can implement pre-closing contact for more precise dosing/ batching application. User interface allows the users to pre-program and change the batch size with ease. Alarm and safety features are included. Event logs are available.

Intermediate System

1 - Supply Tank | 2 - Start/ Stop Contact | 3 - Flowmeter | 4 - Motor Valve | 5 - Filled Container | 6 - Controller

Advanced System

For additional control function and operating options, we can implement advanced system which enable additional switches and hardwares. These can be controlled via PLC. One or more preset counters and control parameters can be programmed via PLC. A HMI touchscreen is available for easy operation. For better product quality control, liquid can be dosed after some technical or sensory analysis.


Advanced System

1- Supply Tank | 2 - Filled Container | 3 - Flowmeter | 4- Motor Valve | 5 - PLC | 6- Touchscreen

For a fast filling application, this system can be used to achieve very fast dosing/ filling application via MODBUS communication. The system can record overrun and correct the filling amount to compensate for the shut-off time of the valve. 

Filling Application

1 - Supply tank | 2 - Flowmeter | 3 - Communication | 4 - Selector Valve | 5 - Container to be filled| 6 - PLC 


  • Truck loading
  • Dosing system for liquids
  • Filling system for containers, IBC, barrels and tanks
  • Metering system for liquid
  • Mixing liquids according to recipe