Coating Technology Solution


Turnkey Solution for Coating Application

Technology for Precise Application for Viscous and Non-Viscous Coating

For the coating application, the following problems are regularly met.

- Uneven application of coating

- Waste of coatly coatings due to over-application

- Cannot control quality of the product due to inefficient coating application


When using our coating solution, we are able to:

  • Reduce product scraps caused by over- or under-application of coatings
  • Reduce the use of costly chemical by applying only the proper volume directly on the targeted area
  • Increase production speed (fast cycling up to 15,000 cycles per minute) to keep pace with fast line speeds
  • Reduce set-up and changeover time because one spray set-up can cover wide range of flow rates
  • Achieve very low flow rate 
  • Hydraulic type is available - reduce the use of compressed air and reduce misting and overspraying

Where can our coating solution be used?

We offer a wide range of products to meet the demands of various applications including:

  • Coating
  • Flavoring
  • Oil application
  • Release agents/ lubricants
  • Resins/ Wax
  • Thick slurries

Typical Solutions

  • Precise Spray Control
    For precise chemical application which the chemical volume can be controlled. This reduces the use of costly chemical, eliminating the waste, improving product quality and increasing production
  • Conveyor Coating
    For coating liquid to the moving products/ parts on the conveyor. Headers and manifolds can be supplied. They can be configured as air atomized or hydraulic, material can be chosen and the length can be custom-made. Our nozzles feature the capacity to fine tune flow rate, drop size and spray shape. The spraying of the coating can be controlled on-off according the presence of the coated surface.
  • Coating Header
    We offer wide range of headers and manifolds customized to fit your requirement. Various types of headers design are available: channel, pipe-in-pipe, compact, sanitary and heated to use with both hydraulic and air atomizing nozzles. Header length, number of zones, nozzles type and nozzle spacing are all custom-made. 
  • Application-specific header
    Application-specific header for the following applications are available: food coatings, oils and lubricants, wax and resins, mold-inhibitors, anti-microbials and more