Pollution Control Solution


Dust and Odor Control, Gas Cooling and Conditioning, Revamp Dust Collector and Particulate Monitor

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is finding new techniques to prevent the creation of additional air pollution. With rising problems of air pollution concerning the standard of living, government announces new regulations, standards, enforcement as well as community pressure in attempt to control the air quality. At PVN, we develop a complete solution to your pollution control. 

Reducing Air Emissions allowing Cleaner Environment

At PVN, our knowledge and experience within this field allow us to develop an understanding of industrial technologies that help control pollution. We have developed a comprehensive system that evaluates different factors - flow rates, temperature, pressure, pollutant composition, etc. - to ensure you are able to meet your air emission goals.

Our work scope for Pollution Control Solutions include:

  • Gas Cooling/ Conditioning
  • Revamp of Dust Collector System
  • Dust Control
  • Odor Control
  • Particulate Monitoring


Revamp Dust Collector
Revamp service of checking, testing, upgrade and improvement of pulse valve, control box and differential pressure instruments. Save energy using on-demand cleaning system.
Dust and Odor Control
Wet system is used for dust prevention, dust suppression and odor control. The system is highly effective, fast, straightforward and trouble-free.
Gas Cool/ Condition
Improve ESP performance through effective gas cooling and conditioning to precisely control gas temperature, volume and humidity. Our system helps to improve production and reduce operating costs.
SCR/ SNCR Nox Control
We offer solutions for precision ammonia or urea or catalyst injection for NOx control.